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Panama Carmen Estate Caturra Washed

Panama Carmen Estate Caturra Washed

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Roast Profile

Flavour: Hibiscus, Lemon zest and Chocolate

Origin: Panama
Region: Paso Ancho, Tierras Altas District, Province of Chiriquí
Farmer: Carmen Estate 
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1700-1750 masl


Carmen Estate is a well-regarded coffee farm located in Panama, particularly known for producing high-quality specialty coffee. The farm is situated in the highlands of the Volcán region, near the border with Costa Rica. This area is part of Panama's Chiriquí province, which is famous for its ideal coffee-growing conditions, including rich volcanic soil, high altitude, and a favorable climate.

Carmen Estate has gained a reputation in the coffee world for its meticulous approach to cultivation and processing. The farm typically produces Arabica coffee varieties, which are appreciated globally for their complex flavor profiles. One of the distinctive features of Carmen Estate coffee is its clean and balanced taste, often with notes of fruit, chocolate, and nuts, and a bright acidity.

The coffee from Carmen Estate has frequently competed in and won awards at specialty coffee competitions, such as the Best of Panama. These accolades have helped to elevate the profile of Panamanian coffee on the international stage. The estate's success is attributed to its commitment to quality, sustainable farming practices, and the unique microclimate of the Volcán region, which together contribute to the distinctive characteristics of its coffee.

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