About Eternal Coffee

Our coffees are specialty grade, carefully chosen by our team to provide the best specialty coffee experience for our customers. We differentiate ourselves by offering two roast profiles from our single origin coffees: espresso and filter.

We are a micro-coffee roaster, meaning bringing out the best flavour of the coffee is our key. Through numerous roast batch samples (trial and error), we then "cup" the samples to pinpoint the best profile which showcases that coffee. 

Who is behind the scene?

Hi, my name is YJ Huang, I'm a very passionate barista who started in 2019. I spent the last three years honing my barista skills in preparation for the 2022 NZ Barista Championships. I am very honoured and proud to be the 2022 NZ Barista Championships' 'First Runner Up' as well as the 'Best Newcomer'.

I started roasting early 2021 and found my joy in drinking my own style of specialty coffee, therefore, I wanted to share my joy with everyone with Eternal Coffee. Showcasing specialty coffee's nuanced flavours and vibrancy without limiting what we typically think coffee should be.  

Happy Brewing - YJ Huang